Single Responsibility Principle

Since Turing proved that all approaches to computation are ultimately equivalent, principles in software development has primarily concerned themselves with the organisation of code.

One of the more enduring principles, one that is continually rediscovered in various guises, is the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP):-

By reducing the influence a piece of code has on other parts of the program, it is easier to avoid the mistakes which lead to problems with the software.

Dividing a system's responsibilities into components requires skill in software design and no small degree of pragmatism, but fortunately software often allows its practitioners room for error and the opportunity to continually correct poor judgements later on.


The determinstic nature of mathematics allows software systems to comprise a vast number of individual parts.

Abstraction is an essential tool which lets developers focus on individual areas of logic, in isolation from everything else that is going on in the program. Without abstraction, the sheer number of details would be overwhelming and the size of systems we could build would be severly contrained.

upper tiers must call the functions of lower tiers

Pure functions

Functional languages treat functions as first-class entities. Functions can be passed as arguments and returned as values.

A pure function is one that operates solely on its arguments, such that its result is predictable. If such a function is called two separate times, but with the same arguments, it is guaranteed to return the same result. Functions are easily composed together to create specific functionality. Pure functions are determinstic, and as such are ideal as building blocks for reliable functionality.


To be useful, most programs must interact with the outside world.

I/O tends to be low-level

But we don't want to have to the upper tier of functions have intimate details of the lower tiers contextual state

define inputs and outputs

formalise state-management: configuration (initial internal state)


the problem with lack of cohesion between SQL queries and DDL

components are the units of cohesion

if some detail in a component has to change, it shouldn't break anything in other components

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